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Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Denver Criminal Defense Attorneys' at Molly Jansen Law Group, provide an experienced and skilled legal defense for those charged with driving under the influence and driving while ability impaired. Don’t give up your legal rights without consulting with one of our highly skilled Denver area DUI lawyers.


A DUI is driving under the influence with a breath or blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. A DWAI is driving while ability impaired with a breath or blood alcohol content of .05 to .08. DUID is driving under the influence of drugs. 

Molly Jansen Law Group reviews every aspect of the case, from the reason that you were pulled over, the validity of the field sobriety tests, the maintenance of the breathalyzer machine, to the validity of the results. Our attorneys at Molly Jansen Law Group will conduct a thorough review of all the facts and laws regarding your Colorado DUI case.

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution sets forth, that no person shall be subject to an “unreasonable search and seizure."  When you are pulled over, or otherwise stopped by a Colorado police officer, this is considered a “seizure” of you, the person. If the police did not have a valid reason for stopping you, then they will not be allowed to use any of the evidence they obtained against you. This prohibition against illegally obtained evidence is designed to protect your rights as an individual against the government. It has the effect of forcing the police to obey the Constitution, or else they will not be able to make a case against you. When the police have illegally stopped you, your Colorado DUI lawyer will be able to suppress the prosecutor’s evidence against you.

Molly F. Jansen is a top Denver area DUI Defense Attorney. Our firm encourages you to contact us to discuss your case.

If you have been charged with a crime,  contact an experienced Denver Criminal Defense attorney, Molly Jansen Law Group, by filling out our online contact form or call our office for a free consultation.

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