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People make mistakes. We can help! Molly Jansen Law Group provides honest and aggressive representation for criminal defense matters and complex real estate transaction litigation. We are committed to defending the criminally accused and we strongly believe that an excellent criminal defense is one that engages you as an active team member in your own case. The criminal justice system can be intimidating and very complex. It is easy for someone to feel lost and confused, especially when they are unrepresented. Molly Jansen Law Group realizes that every case impacts a persons life in a very significant way and we believe it is vital to have a strong relationship between an attorney and a client. Molly Jansen Law Group wholeheartedly recognizes that your case is quite possibly the most stressful and serious situation occurring in your life. It is our job to represent you through the process without minimizing your concerns or treating you like a criminal.

Molly Jansen Law Group handles all commercial and residential complex real estate transactions. Molly F. Jansen is a Colorado Licensed Associate Broker.

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Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

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"Best Lawyer Hired"
"Kept Us Safe from A Poor Case"
"She gets the job done with NO BS"
"Molly Jansen is the best of the best"
"We can't thank you enough, Molly!"
"Professional, Knowledgeable and Informative"
"Hiring Molly Jansen was the best decision I have ever made! Period."

"Molly and her team  in my opinion and experience  are the best criminal defense lawyers you can ask for!! Molly worked on my case for about 3 yrs, she was determined to see justice prevail and with her by my side it did. I would HIGHLY recommend Molly and her team to represent you in your case. Molly always kept me informed on what was going on in my case, discussed different options with me but ultimately left the decision up to my family and myself and not matter what I decided I have never seen anyone work so hard to make sure the out come was in my favor. It was a long and sometimes dark and seemingly never ending road but with Molly there was always a light that it would all be ok. The thing that seperates Molly from other lawyers that I have delt with is she treated me like a person and not just a case and I am forever greatful for that!!! You may see people on here upset with their out come of their case but remember we are looking for a lawyer for a reason you can't expect magic if you have made a mistake !! I love Molly for what she has done for my family and I am forever greatful for her dedication to her clients and YOU would be a FOOL to not hire her for your case!!! "

Posted by Brian 

Counties We Serve

Molly Jansen Law Group proudly serves the Denver Metro area as well as 27 other Colorado counties. With over 17 years experience, Molly F. Jansen is dedicated to providing excellent criminal defense representation and strives for the most successful outcome in each case. 

Adams County

Archuleta County

Clear Creek County

Douglas County

Garfield County

Jefferson County

Lincoln County 

Pitkin County 

Teller County

Alamosa County

Boulder County


Eagle County 

Gilpin County

Lake County 

Logan County

Routt County

Weld County 

Arapahoe County

Broomfield County

Denver County 

El Paso County

Huerfano County

Larimer County

Park County 

Summit County

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