Molly Jansen, for district attorneyMolly Jansen.

As a business woman and entrepreneur, Molly Jansen has owned and managed her own successful criminal defense law firm for over 13 years where she has been a distinguished and trusted adviser.  During this time, she has represented clients in criminal matters, ranging from minor traffic matters to first degree homicide, in almost every county in Colorado, including extensive work in Judicial District 17.  She worked with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office during her third year of law school and for five months following graduation.

As a criminal defense attorney, she offers unique insight and experience to the position of District Attorney that few others have the expertise to bring to the position.  She believes that the office of District Attorney is the “gatekeeper” to the judicial system and with that, there is a fundamental obligation in providing the highest level of safety to the community and its citizens while protecting the constitutional rights of those in the judicial system.  She is dedicated to enforcing the laws of the District and Colorado in a fair and just manner and is committed to the absolute need to protect the community, particularly the children, and to create strong, trusting and communicative relationships with law enforcement.

Over her 13 years, Molly Jansen has experienced the best and worst sides of the judicial system in Judicial District 17.  Her extensive experience in the District has made it abundantly clear that there is a need for fundamental change in the District Attorney’s office.  Forging strong relationships with Law Enforcement, improving youth intervention programs, utilizing and exploring alternative sentencing options and to provide fair and proportionate plea arrangements will help reduce recidivism rates and reduce spending.  She strongly believes that this approach, together with much needed community programs will help create a strong and unified county and a more efficient judicial district that the community can trust.

Molly, a second generation Coloradan, was born and raised in the front-range.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado State University and her law degree from the University of Denver – Sturm College of Law.  She is raising three daughters and is an on-going example to them of the need to appreciate the State of Colorado and what it has to offer as well the obligation to give back and be involved in the community.  She currently hosts radio talk shows and segments on two front-range radio stations where she assists in guiding the public with their legal issues and also hosts free legal clinics for the community where she and other attorneys provide the public with free legal advice on matters such traffic offenses, drunk driving, domestic violence, divorce, child custody, and contract disputes.  She has also been a guest speaker at the University of Denver- Sturm College of Law in connection with assisting law students in starting successful law practices and how to analyze a criminal case from both the prosecution and defense perspectives.  She has been engaged in non-legal organizations including being on the board of directors for the Central City Opera and a volunteer for both the Junior League of Denver and the Denver Botanic Gardens (Fete de Fleur).